Teacher Week & Mother's Day!

Hey bloggers!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Teacher Appreciation Week! Our school has a "parent club" for the first time this year. They are wonderful and spoiled us this week.

On Monday, there were cookies from Trefzgers Bakery for us (DELICIOUS bakery in our area) and a sign that said "Thank you for making our kids smart cookies!"
On Tuesday, we got little spa kits! They had a few loufas, some soaps, and a scrub in them.
On Wednesday, we got these soaps that said "Hands down you're the best teacher around!"
On Friday, they brought us a bunch of treats! There were cookies, donuts, breakfast pizza, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, and some pretzels & chips.
So thankful for these parents! :)

This weekend is my first Mother's Day! We have a reservation for Mother's Day Brunch...I can't wait! Little man painted me this beautiful heart at daycare...I'll keep it forever <3 p="">

My students made Mother's Day cards and filled out a quick questionnaire about their moms.

Most of them were pretty nice when guessing age & weight...except this one. And if you knew the mom, you'd know she's a tiny little thing (& not 75 years old)!

One last thing...I will be hosting a giveaway and the winner will get a free pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies! Check out my previous post about it {here}. The giveaway will begin later this week...so make sure you check back!
Have a great weekend!!

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