Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fire Safety Update & Pumpkins!

Hey bloggers!

Fire Safety Week was a big hit with my kids! They loved learning about firemen, firetrucks, and how we can stay safe! We used our Fire Safety Printables to review the things we learned throughout the week...but the highlight of the week was having the firemen come to school with the "smoke house."
The firemen take the kids through the house and talk about what they should do if there is ever a fire in their home. Then they practice evacuating the house and going to their "safe meeting place." Afterward, they got to check out the fire truck and ask questions. They loved it!

This week, we're moving on to our pumpkin study! Here are a few math activities to use when learning about pumpkins! (don't forget, there's a sale running in my store through head over there now!)
Pumpkin Graphs {freebie}
TpT    or    TN

Pumpkin Count by 10s
TpT    or    TN

Pumpkin Cards 1-120
TpT    or    TN

After we learn about pumpkins, we'll do some comparing & contrasting pumpkins to apples!...I'm not sure how much of the pumpkin study I will actually be taking part in...since my due date is FIVE DAYS AWAY! That is crazy to say. Though at this point, it seems the little guy is quite comfy and doesn't feel like coming out anytime soon! We will see. I'm just thankful to have a 3 day week here in my 39th week of pregnancy! :)

Have a good week!

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  1. These graphs {and other October goodies!} are awesome! I am SUPER impressed that you are getting stuff done when you are so close to having the baby!! Congrats!

    Lucky to Be in First


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