Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And we're back at school!

Hey bloggers!

Quick post tonight...I'm exhausted from my first day with the kids and my feet are beyond swollen!
We had meetings on Monday and Tuesday and Meet the Teacher Tuesday night. Here are a few pictures from meet the teacher night.
I had the parent communication folders on the students' desks. On the "return to school" side I had all of the papers that we needed the parents to fill out that night and on the "keep at home" side I had the information packs for the parents to keep, as well as my contact magnets! I also had the back to school gift for the kids on their desks waiting for them.
These were their back to school gifts. There was a label on one side that said "Welcome to First Grade" and a card inside that said "I'm bursting with excitement that you're in my class!"

Here are a few bulletin boards around my school...they look AWESOME!
Obviously, this is a bulletin board made by one of the kindergarten teachers!
This is our first grade board with all of the little monkeys on it!
And this is a board made by one of the second grade teachers. I {love} the pink fuzzy border!!

The last thing I wanted to share today are the drawers I have set up next to each group of desks (can be seen in the first picture above).
I have the drawers labeled for each group. The first drawer is for math manipulatives. All that is starting in there are cubes for counting and ones/tens cubes. More will be added to the drawer as needed. I wanted the manipulatives to be accessible to the students all day, and this way they are! The second drawer is for writer's workshop. The students' pens & writing folders will be in these drawers. The third drawer is for extra supplies. Today I went through the supplies that each student brought and left them with the essentials. They got to keep their crayons, markers, pencils, 2 glues, scissors, highlighters, pencil boxes, & 2 folders in their desks. The rest of their supplies (extra folders, notebooks, extra glue, extra pencils, extra highlighters, etc) were bagged up and put in extra supply drawer. This helps keep their desks clean and keeps them from losing the supplies! Now when someone runs out of glue or loses a pencil, they can get what they need from their baggy in the drawer.

Have a good rest of the week! :)

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