Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Hey bloggers!

It's finally starting to feel like summer here! I've hardly been able to use my pool since school has been out because it's either been too chilly or it's been rainy! But it looks like we're going to get a nice string of warm days...fingers crossed! :)

I have a few linky parties that I'm joining in on today!

We took pup to the dog park. He {LOVES} the dog park. I like it, except for the fact that the ground is grass, dirt, & wood chips. I wish they would get rid of the wood chips & this is why...Hunter loves to play fetch. Somehow, he always finds an old tennis ball out there. He carries it around and drops it at the feet of everyone out there until someone finally throws it for him. He is REALLY fast and is always the first dog to the ball. But, because he runs so hard on the dumb wood chips, he always comes home with an injured paw pad (the wood chips/rock pebbles out there puncture little holes in them). So although he loves being out there, he's always a pouty little pup for a day or two after being at the park until his paw pad heals up (he limps around the house). I've asked people not to play fetch with him, but they just look at me like I'm the meanest owner ever. They just don't understand!
Here he is right after the park. See, he's so happy (& thirsty)! I told you he loves going to the park! If I showed you a picture of him right now, you'd see him pouting and curled up in his dog bed. He won't even get up for treats!

Since the dog is so pouty, the rest of us decided to hit the pool! Baby J & I were in the pool for a bit but the game got a bit intense so we sat it out!

I'm also linking up with A Teacher Without A Class for her Dollar Days Linky!
A Teacher without a Class

I hit a few stores recently...

1. Dollar General: There is a dollar general in my neighborhood/town. They just recently added a teacher section! I grabbed a few puzzles for numbers & shapes ($1 each).
2. Target Dollar Spot: I found these cute plates in the dollar spot! I'm thinking they will come in handy multiple times throughout the year...

-A student could choose a number card and put that in the top section, then use manipulatives to make that number in the bottom section.
-A student could choose an addition/subtraction problem and use the 2 parts of the plate to show it & solve it.
-A student could choose a sight word card and put it in the top section, then use magnetic letters to make the word in the bottom section.
I'm excited about these! They can be used for tons of things!...& the best part?? They were 50 CENTS each!! They were marked $1 each so when the cashier rang them up and they were $0.50, I loved them even more!
So there you have my Saturday Snapshots & Dollar Finds! :)

Also, A Teacher Without A Class & Teaching is a Gift are hosting a Blog Hop!
A Teacher without a Class
Make sure you stop by A Teacher Without A Class...she's running a giveaway for a laminator!! After you get entered, check out all of the other blogs (listed below) that are participating in the blog hop! :)

Don't is the last day of my TpT & TN sales! Click below to check them out!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
Enjoy your weekend!! :)


  1. Your pool looks refreshing! It has been super hot here - that would come in handy!

  2. Love all of your finds. Thanks for linking up ... such cute pictures.


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