Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dollar Days Linky

Hey bloggers!

I'm joining in with A Teacher Without a Class for a Dollar Days Linky!
A Teacher without a Class

I stopped by Target today...which means I couldn't make it out without stopping at the Dollar Spot! I found some books and puzzles!

1. First, I found these books! They will be great for our units on Community Helpers, Health & Nutrition, and Then & Now! For only a dollar each I wanted to buy all of the copies...but I restrained myself :)
2. Then, I found these books! These will be great for math & science lessons! Again, they were only a dollar each!
3. The last thing I found were some cute puzzles! I'm always looking for quick and easy things to put out for the kids when we have indoor recess. They always love puzzles!

So there you have my dollar finds! :)
Go link up yours at A Teacher Without a Class!


  1. Thank you for linking up! I love what you found at Target. Why does your Target seem to have better deals than mine?

  2. We grabbed those books from the Dollar Spot too! They are a good find!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. I picked up some of those same books the other day. Now I'll have to go back and look for the first ones you showed. Thanks, Cait.

    Stop by my blog and check out my $1 deal.



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