Sunday, May 19, 2013

6 more days?!

Hey bloggy friends!

I can't believe it...tomorrow is our last Monday of the school year! We're supposed to be spending it on a field trip at the zoo {free zoo worksheets here}!!! However, we're currently in a tornado watch and they're calling for severe storms on and off tomorrow. Our local zoo doesn't have many inside areas so it's not looking good for us :( But, let's just think positively that all of these storms will blow by and miss us! :)

But like I said, 6 more days of school! We have a full week this week and then a half day attendance on Tuesday! On Friday afternoon, our school has "Fun Day" or what most people probably call "Field Day." For weeks, the students have been earning tickets for Fun Day. They can earn tickets for many things (positive behavior, positive academics, working quietly/independently, working hard while with a reading teacher, etc). Then on Fun Day, they use their tickets to participate in activities! There will be balloon animals, popcorn, crafts, obstacle courses, water play games, bean bag toss, face painting, nail painting, and others! The kids are really looking forward to it and have been working hard to earn those tickets! They are a nice incentive at the end of the year to keep behavior in check :)

Here is a quick craft my kids completed last Friday. It was so simple and turned out so cute! I got the idea from the blog Meet the Dubiens. I changed it up just a bit for my class. We used construction paper strips instead of ribbon. Each student had a piece of paper with 6 white circles on it. The students cut out the circles and glued them to a blue piece of paper to form their cloud. Then they cut out the cloud leaving a small blue border around it. They then glued on the rainbow strips (that I had pre-cut) onto the bottom of the cloud. All that was left to do was draw an adorable little face! Here is an example of the craft!
I also gave the students the option of "crinkle folding" the rainbow strips but most of them liked them straight, like this one!

Here are a few things I have been working on with the new clipart I purchased during the Teacher Appreciation Sales!!

1. Apple Color Cards: Students read the simple sentences on each card and decided if they are right or wrong and sort them accordingly. There is also an activity sheet included.
TpT    or    TN

2. Weather Writing Activities: My students love creating class books. We follow a fairly strict writing curriculum at my school so the students love mixing it up once in a while and doing what they call "silly writing" for class books. I included two activities for class books (each activity has 3 options for response pages so that you can choose which is the most appropriate for your students!).
TpT    or    TN

Have a great week!
How many more days do you have until summer?

P.s-My husband has his blog up and running. He is a middle school social studies teacher! He is really into incorporating technology into the classroom, so if you teach social studies check him out (or mention him to others that do teach social studies)! Mr. J's Journal

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  1. What a jammed pack week you have planned! Good luck with the weather tomorrow!

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