Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Open House!

Hey bloggers!

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We had our spring open house this week! Here are some pictures from the evening...

This was the welcome into the first grade classrooms :)
The flower glyph directions can be downloaded {here}.
Then the kids had a scavenger hunt in the room & school of things to show their parents.
We spent two weeks learning about the weather during each of the seasons and how to stay safe during certain kids of weather...we're currently experiencing a flood here in Illinois! Part of the town that I teach in was evacuated because of it. Here are the posters that they created for the season they were assigned to report on.
Then they showed their parents their writing for what they want to be when they grow up! You can find these adorable Career Freebies {here} from Tara West (Little Minds at Work).
And of course...there's always that one...
And this next picture is a cute display from one of the second grade teachers at my school! Too cute :)

I finally broke down the other day and counted how many days of school are left...I made it pretty far, right?? Well, we're down to 23 days! I cannot believe how fast the days are passing.

Have a great rest of your week :)

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  1. That's nice that your school does a spring open house! What a good idea! and Lucky you for 23 days! I've got 28.



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