Friday, March 8, 2013

Theme Week!

Hey bloggers!

We had a fun theme week this week! Although I have a strong dislike for the Seuss Corporation because of their attitude toward teachers...I decided to still have a fun week for the kids. Here was our schedule:

Tuesday: Crazy Sock Day (Fox in Socks, The Foot Book)
Wednesday: Hat Day (The Cat in the Hat, 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins)
Thursday: Green Day (Green Eggs & Ham, Yertle the Turtle)
Friday: Wacky Clothes & Hair Day (If I Ran the Circus, And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street)

I read 2 books each day to go along with our theme (in the parenthesis above). I have a few pictures to share!! We read a few others during snack time too :)

Here is a picture from Crazy Sock Day...
I also took one that is zoomed out from above that all of their faces are in too. I have it posted on our room door. So cute!
This picture is also from Crazy Sock Day when we were reading Fox in Socks...

I forgot to take a picture on Hat Day...but I do have this picture! I made Cat in the Hat treats for the kids! They were so simple. Each treat has half an oreo, white frosting, and 3 gummy lifesavers! The kids loved them! :)
(I found this idea over at Fancy Frugal Life)

Here is a picture from Green much green!

Here is a picture from Wacky Clothes & Hair Day...
Sorry, you know how I feel about showing their faces! We took a normal one smiling, and then they were begging to take a silly one. Of course I gave in, it was wacky day after all! Even though you can't see their wacky faces, you can see their wacky/mismatched clothes...tutus, underwear over pants, undershirts over shirts, shorts over pants, pajamas, shirts inside out & backwards, two different shoes...lots of wacky stuff!

Here is a Horton craft we did! I found this last year over at Finally in First! The template is {free} so go grab it! I changed mine a little bit from the picture kids made the Horton craft and then glued it onto a piece of paper where they write about their favorite part and draw a picture of it! Fun & simple :)
(pic from Finally in First)

Here are the notes that I sent home to remind parents of our theme each day. The kids really got into each day. It was really fun!! {freebie}

And the last picture today, is one I took with my phone of my pup!
This app is free! So get it before they start charging for it ;) It's called Dr. Seuss Camera-Cat in the Hat edition.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Hi Cait! I found you on Fifth in the Middle state linky! I am an Iowa blogger! Thanks for sharing all of your fun Dr. Seuss ideas!


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