Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break Linky Party

Oh how I wish it was that time...spring break!

Unfortunately, I still have two weeks until break!! I have a 3.5 day week with the kids this week. I have SWIP meetings Thursday afternoon, then spring parent-teacher conferences Thursday night and Friday morning. Fortunately, our spring conferences are only held for students that we have concerns about, so my scheduled isn't jam packed like it was in the fall.

Then we have a 4 day week next week and our break starts Friday, March 29th! I'm sure it'll come soon enough with these short weeks :)

I'm linking up with Brigid's Daily Lesson Log for a Spring Break Linky!
1. Sleep in!: I am not a morning person at all. In fact, I hate waking up with an alarm. So the number one thing I plan to do over break is sleep until my body wakes me up!
2. Get a pedicure!: Since my break is so late, I'm hoping that we will finally have some nice weather...maybe even flip flop weather?? I need to pretty up my feet to get ready for it!
3. Relax!: Take a few naps, stay in my pjs for a few days, that kind of stuff!
4. Spring Clean: Well, more like clean in general. I'm typically a Sunday cleaner and then I just let everything go during the week. I'm too tired when I get home to clean! So I definitely need to clean the house and do tons of laundry. Yuck.
5. Cook: I'm really bad about just picking food up on my way home from work or ordering a pizza...I need to be better about actually making food at home. It's so much cheaper!
6. Take a little trip?: Nowhere too exciting...just a trip with the hubs to get away for a few days. I'll have to update this one later when I have more details.

That's it for now! But I still have a few weeks to figure it all out! Go link up your plans! :)

Have a good week, bloggers!

P.s-I'm currently working on some new spring math check back for info on those soon!


  1. I am glad I found you-I am fellow first grade, Illinois Blogger!! We are quite on spring break yet either-almost! BUt it is so nice to think about all of the possibilities of spring break!

    Sleeping-in is a must! I LOVE you idea of naps too-those are the best and I could certainly use a couple over break.

    I am going to hope that this icky grey weather goes away so you can show off your pedicure as that sounds like a very relaxing treat!!

    I hope break comes quickly and that our weather warms up VERY soon!!

    Learning to the Core

  2. Looks like you will have a relaxing break as well! I should have added a mani and pedi to my list too! THANKS for linking up with me! Your break will be here before you know it!

    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log


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