Sunday, November 18, 2012

Long Post...I'm Way Behind!

Okay, it's a big picture post today! I've been so busy preparing report cards and everything else for parent-teacher conferences this week, that I've fallen behind on my blog!

Let's start with Halloween...
Here are some pictures from our party! We start with an all school costume parade. Then we run the party in stations. There was a game station, a treat station, a craft station, and an iPad station.
Candy Corn Craft.
One of the kids brought these skeleton glasses for everyone...they were a big hit! This is a little less than half of my class (the others were taking their turn in the bathroom changing clothes!).

Next up, an activity from the 50th day of school (which was 10 school days ago for us). Everyone got a piece of paper with the number 50 on it. They had to draw 10 triangles, 10 squares, 10 rectangles, and 10 circles. Then they were able to choose 10 things to glue on (pom poms, jewels, sequins, etc).

Next, our leaf hunt! Both first grade classes went outside one afternoon to find leaves. After each child had a leaf, we went back in to practice classifying! We talked about size, color, shape, and then they wrote why they chose their leaf.

And finally, a chart that we made & discussed this past week. Tattling is a HUGE problem with this group. I've tried what I've done in the past, searched the internet (& pinterest) for ideas, and this is what we're going to try next. We talked about the difference between "reporting" and "tattling." Hopefully the visual and having it up to refer to will help. Let me know if you have something that really helps to minimize tattling! It's driving me crazy! :)

On a future post, you'll get to see our tie-dye turkeys! I love these little guys and make them every year. Here's the first step that we completed on Friday. We'll finish them tomorrow!
Check back later for the final pictures!

I have also posted some items to help with practicing number order 0-120.
TpT    or    TNbook

There are number strips with blanks and number cards to put on those blanks. I have posted the numbers 0-10 as a {freebie}! You can download the freebie to see if you want to purchase the full version!
{Freebies} TpT    or    TNbook

Have a great week!
I have the students full day Monday (& evening conferences) and half day Tuesday (with conferences in the afternoon & evening). It's going to be a long 2 days! But then we get a few off for some family time :)
Enjoy it, bloggers!

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  1. Hi Cait!
    Your Report VS Tattle anchor chart is AWESOME!
    Great lessons from that! I was fortunate enough to get an outside resource in to come in and present the lesson in a really fun and thoughtful way!
    Stop by and take a look at my TRUDY, the Tattle Turtle! She works wonders in my first grade class!
    I am your newest follower and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe


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