Sunday, September 2, 2012

Class Snapshots & Two Freebies!

*3 Day Weekend*
I'm thankful that the weekend following the first full week of school is a 3 day weekend...because I'm exhausted! Here are a few snapshots from our week!

We started doing patterns this week! We started basic with AB patterns but by the end of the week they were bringing up their cubes and telling me how they made an ABC or an AABB pattern! This is a picture of our first day of patterns. I gave each group some cubes and pattern paper!

 TpT    or    TNbook
We've also been working on counting this week. We started simple with 1-25! Eventually we'll make our way up to that 120! I made some flashcards for the upcoming week...I'm just going to start by giving them the 1-25 cards, cut them out, and put them in order. Then I'll say a number and have them hold it up, to make sure they can identify their numbers. Then once we've mastered 1-25, we'll add the 26-50 cards. The kids will keep the baggy of numbers in their desks. Enjoy the freebie!

Here is a picture of my kids signing our Writer's Workshop Contract! I decided this year to start writer's workshop on day 1...well, a form of it anyway. These kids had writer's workshop in kindergarten so I figured I could use the paper that they're familiar with and the basic "think, draw, write" with them to get us started. We created a chart of ideas that we can write about (summer, friends, family, vacations, school etc) and they got started! We created our contract on day 5 and next week we're going to really get started with our mini-lessons.
Here is a picture of the writer's workshop contract once I got it up on the bulletin board with all of their signatures!

I also have started creating clipart...don't get too excited. It's pretty basic for now but let me know what you think! I'm working on some Halloween clipart next. My ghosts are pretty adorable :)

This first set is a freebie for you! They are circle frames (with white & transparent centers)!
 TpT    or    TNbook

Next is a set of colorful buttons! I love these and have already started making some centers with them...possibly to go along with a certain book about a cat? ;)
TpT    or    TNbook

So check out my new work! I'll have some fall clipart posted soon as well as some halloween stuff!

I saw this a few days ago...have you seen it? Take a few minutes to watch it :)

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

Freebie Fridays

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  1. Thanks for the freebies! I love that "certain cat" you mentioned. The songs get sticks in my kiddos heads all day.

    I am giving away a classroom organizer on my blog. Come stop by for your chance to win!

    Fantastic First Grade Friends


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