Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

Hey bloggers!

Don't forget, the Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes on Teacher's Notebook starts today! Enter everyday through the 11th to win! The link is on my right sidebar. I'm also having a SALE on TNbook that starts today and ends the 11th! So go check it out :) My TNbook shop

Also, I'm participating in the Teachers Pay Teachers SALE which starts tomorrow!! I'm offering 10% off and then you can get an additional 10% off by using the code TAD12! Make sure you check that out too because you'll definitely be able to get some great deals!! My TpT store

I have added 2 new items to both stores. First, some place value centers! There are 3 centers included, but they can be used in many ways! (More pictures with the listing.)

1. Matching Cards-Students match the place value squares to the number of hundreds, tens, & ones, as well as to the whole number. There are 12 sets of 3. You could also number the place value square cards and have students just use those cards and fill in the included recording sheet with the correct number.

2. Dry Erase Cards-Students use dry erase markers (after these are laminated) to write the number of hundreds, tens, & ones for each number. You could also number the cards and have students write the answers on the included answer sheet. There are 12 cards. If you have place value cubes, students could use them to make the number on each card.

3. Place Value Flashcards-Students match the place value squares to the numbers 10-150 (by 10s). Activity sheet included.

And the second item I added are some Writing Helpers! These are things that I have created throughout the school year to help out my kiddos. There are a lot of great things here! (More pictures with the listing)

 TpT store    or    TNbook shop
(1) Alphabet Chart-Capital & lowercase for each letter and a picture to go with each.

(2) Writing Topic Ideas for Small Moment Stories-In my class, we start the year by writing small moment stories about ourselves. Some students have trouble coming up with ideas from their own life, so this chart is very helpful!

(3) Checklist for Small Moment Stories-This is a checklist that I introduce to my students after they've had some time to practice writing their small moment stories. After they finish a story, they use this checklist to edit.

(4) Beginning, Middle, End cards-I use these when I demonstrate how stories have a beginning, middle, and end. We also use them when talking with partners to make sure that our own stories have a beginning, middle, and an end.

(5) Feeling Chart-I encourage students to not only write a story, but to tell us how they were feeling when that event actually happened. We create a feeling chart to avoid using "happy" and "sad" over and over!

(6) Writing Topic Ideas for How-to Books-After small moment stories, we move to instructional writing. We brainstorm ideas together, but I also keep this chart at the writing center in case they need a reminder.

(7) Checklist for How-to Books-After students have had time to explore and write how-to books, I have them start using this checklist to edit.

(8) Transition Word Chart-We discuss these a bit when writing small moment stories, but we really get into them when we do our instructional writing. The chart helps them to use a variety of transition words.

(9) Themed Word Walls- School words, Color words, & Holiday words

You might as well check these things out while they're on sale!!

Happy Teacher deserve it :)

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