Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lunchbox Linky! & K-2 Linky:)

I'm a little obsessed with Linky Parties right's two (in the order that I found them)!

How cute is this idea from 4th Grade Frolics???

I just had to join in! Here is a picture of my lunchbox. It is from Thirty-One. It's the perfect size for me! My lunches pretty much stay the same every day. It's typically a sandwich (either turkey or PBJ), and a yogurt or fruit cup. I like to keep it easy in the morning! Mostly because I make my husband a lunch in the morning too. On lazy days, I throw a Smart Ones frozen dinner in my lunchbox. Three cheese ziti is my favorite! :)

We have lunch at 12:30pm. That's very late for 1st graders!!...& their teacher! haha. School starts at 8:25am so we have snack every day at 11:00am. The kids bring their own snack. The kids go to recess for 30min (@12:30) and then to lunch for 30min (@1:00). So on a great day, I get an hour lunch! But that almost never happens. I always end up having kids in for recess that owe time for bad behavior or have to finish up late work. I'd say I usually get about 40 min, which is still nice! Sometimes we have 30 min meetings during our lunch too but that's only once a month. I do not eat with my students. My first year, I ate in my room and worked while eating. But now, I enjoy my teacher lounge time! I love our lunch conversations :) And then on Fridays I usually go out to eat with a few of the teachers...usually Jimmy Johns or Quiznos!

And then this one! Love it!

Kindergarten Lifestyle is hosting a Kinder-2nd grade linky party!

They're going to make a big list of K-2 blogs to get them all in one place. So what are you waiting for?? Go join!! I think they also mentioned maybe a pinterest board with all of the blogs. So fun!

Once I make it through the next two days, I'll have a post of how this last week before break went...let me just say, we spent a chunk of Tuesday without power. Yeah. Haha.



  1. Cute lunchbox! Wow, 12:30 is really late and your kids don't eat until 1:00!!

    The First Grade Dream

  2. Super cute lunch tote! Thanks for linking up! Yikes that is 4th graders would probably start eating eachother if they had to wait that Or worse.......ME!

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Agreed - 1:00 is too late for the little ones! Ours is 1:05 for this quarter, since our schedule changes every quarter. I am your newest follower. Come visit my blog sometime! :)
    Hello Mrs Sykes


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