Thursday, March 8, 2012


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Over winter break, my school got some iPad2s to keep in the learning center. We are able to check them out for our class whenever. I have shown my students the basics of how to use the iPad and we created an anchor chart for rules of the iPad. This week, we are using the iPads as our listening center during Reader's Workshop. The kids are SO excited about it. They have done pretty well with them. I decided it was best to sit with the groups as they were at listening station this week so that I could make sure they knew how to navigate the iPads. This is report card week so I worked on those while sitting with worked well! I think next time we use them, they'll be okay on their own and be able to help each other out while I'm elsewhere doing guided reading. So fun! Here are a couple pics of them...

Ignore the junk in the middle. That's the paperwork I was working on!

This time, I just had them use a folder that contained stories they could listen to and read along with. I think the overall favorite was JibJab Jr. It allows the students to take a picture of themselves and insert it onto the head of a character in the story. They thought it was hilarious!

Okay, so most of my kids have counting by 5s & 10s down easy. By there are still a few stuck on 1s & 2s. So I created some adorable spring themed counting cards. There are 4 sets of cards in this pack: (1) 2-100 count by 2s, (2) 1-100 count by 1s, (3) 5-200 count by 5s, (4) 10-300 couny by 10s.

TNbook      or      TpT

I also created a set for my students that have mastered counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, & 10s already...skip counting with odd numbers! The cards go from 1-99 & they are adorable :)

TNbook      or      TpT

FRIDAY tomorrow :)
That means report card day...can't wait to be done & have them sent home!!

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