Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Day Sale!

Hey friends!

I'm sure you have all heard about the amazing Leap Day Sale that TpT is having! I will also be participating. I'm offering 20% off on ALL of my TpT items!! You can also use the code below for additional savings! How great is that??! Start your wishlist now to save some time on Wednesday!

I am also finishing up some St. Patrick's themed math & literacy stations. I have already posted a set of math stations but this next set will include new math stations as well as literacy stations! I will have it posted tomorrow night, just in time for the big sale! Here is a quick pic of some of what that set will include...
TpT    or     TNbook

Math Stations:
(1) What number comes next?-12 cards & recording sheet.
(2) What number comes before?-12 cards & recording sheet.
(3) Subtraction Cards-12 picture subtraction cards & a recording sheet for the students to write the number sentences.
(4) Number Order Cards-8 cards, each has 3 numbers on it. There is a recording sheet for the students to write the numbers for each card in order (you choose least to greatest or greatest to least).
(5) Greater than, Less than, Equal to-12 number comparing cards. The students put the sign cards in between the numbers they are comparing.
(6) 2 Graphs-On graph #1, the students count how many of each picture they see, graph it, answer questions, and write sentences. On graph #2, the students spin the spinner 10 times, graph their results, answer questions, and write sentences.

Literacy Stations:
(1) Long & Short Vowel Word Sort-20 cards for the students to sort. There is also an activity worksheet.
(2) ABC Order-6 ABC order cards & a recording sheet for the students to write the words in order (3 words on each card)
(3) St. Patrick's Day Making Words-There is a card for each letter in St. Patrick's Day for the students to practice making words.
(4) Sentence & Picture Matching Cards-18 cards (9 sentence cards, 9 picture cards). The students read the sentences and find the picture that the sentence describes.
(5) Reading Response (4 pages)

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