Thursday, February 9, 2012

100th Day...& Dr. Seuss

This week, we had our 100th day of school! It was a lot of fun. The other 1st grade teacher and I share an entry way, so we hung a banner above our doors. The kids LOVED it. And we only lost 1 piece because of them touching it. Haha.

We started the day by coloring and cutting out 100 stars (each kid had 4 or 5 stars). Then they decorated the door with them! A simple activity, but they loved seeing all 100 of the stars going up on the door. Here's a few pics...

Then we followed up with a "gumball" activity. I have seen a lot of people doing these types of activities so I'm not sure who to credit for coming up with it! I looked at a few different options and decided to have them do small individual gumball machines. They had a gumball template that they colored and then stuck 100 "gumballs" onto (stickers) them! They are soooo cute! I let each of the kids chew 2 gumballs while they were doing this activity...for this, they all told me they loved me. Haha. Gum is typically a big no, no in my classroom so they were really excited. I originally intended for them to cut the machines out...but we ran out of time. They're still cute though!

Next, was a 100 hunt! The other 1st grade teacher & I had index cards with the numbers 1-100. Each card had a colored sticker on it (red, blue, yellow, green). The kids walked around both of our rooms with a 100 chart. When they found a number, they colored in the box with the color of the sticker on it. When they found all of the numbers and colored in the boxes, there was a message on their just said HI, but they were pretty excited about it. Here's a few pics of the kids looking for the numbered cards...

The rest of the morning was snack time, bathroom break, and a 100th day video. After recess & lunch, we had a lesson from a guest (about tattling-this was preplanned and had nothing to do with 100 day) and then did a 100 second checklist before going to specials. The checklist had simple things like read, write, dance, jump up & down, hold both hands up, and sit & rest for 100 seconds each. They thought it was great! It was a really fun day!

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        * Dr. Seuss unit is finally done! I had mine laminated this morning & managed to get it all cut out today! I love having things ready way in advance :)

You should probably go check this stuff out! Let me tell you about it:

Literacy Centers
(1) Rhyme Time: 12 pairs of rhyming cards & a paper/pencil activity for the students to practice coming up with their own rhymes.
(2) Word Work: 3 activities & recording sheets (short i words, -at word family, -ot word family). Students find words for the specified family and color in the bubbles or write the words on the recording sheet.
(3) Word Sort: Short & Long Vowel word sort file folder activity.
(4) ABC Order: 6 cards for your students to practice putting words in ABC order by the first letter & a recording sheet.
(5) Compound Words: 12 compound words (24 cards total) for the students to put together.

Math Centers
(1) Ordinal Numbers: Hat activity-Students put together parts of a hat with ordinal numbers on them. There are also matching cards (numbers & words) for ordinal numbers 1-12.
(2) Pattern Cards: 6 pre-made pattern cards, 48 single cards, 6 letter pattern cards. The students can finish the pre-made patterns with the single cards or create their own patterns using the letter cards!
(3) Roll & Color: 3 pages of roll & color activities. Just let them roll two dice, add them together, & color in the box!
(4) Addition Cards: 9 picture addition cards (& answers), 12 addition number sentence cards (& answers).
(5) Subtraction Cards: 9 picture subtraction cards (&answers), 12 subtraction number sentence cards (& answers)
(6) Graphing: 3 different graphs
     #1: Picture Graph-The students count the number of each Seuss themed picture and graph them! They then answer questions about the graph and write sentences about it.
     #2: Spinner Graph-The students spin 10 times (paper clip spinner) and graph the results. They then answer questions about the graph.
    #3: Class Graph-Would you eat green eggs & ham?

Reading Response
Six reading response pages. Two are specific to Dr. Seuss and 4 are general response pages.

Some great stuff!
Sorry for such a long post! Hope everyone had a great week...Friday tomorrow!


  1. Our 100th day was yesterday. Such fun!


  2. Looks like you had a blast! Love the 100 chart activity.

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