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Hi everyone!

I'm sure you've seen the facebook posts and facebook parties for Usborne Books and More.
Well, I've joined the fun!

I have participated in a few facebook parties for Usborne Books and a home party. My little guy really loves their books! He is 2 years old. I love the interactive options that Usborne provides.

Here are a few of his favorites so far:

All Better
This book has a string of animals with injuries. There are movable bandages that the child uses to help the animals feel all better! Tons of interactive fun over and over!

Busy Train Book
This book comes with a pull back train. The child pulls back the train and puts in on the track. Read the words to your child as the train goes by them!

At the last party, we order a few new books!
I'm most excited about the Shine-a-Light books.

We ordered the Secrets of the Seashore...and I can't wait to get it!!
I know he will LOVE it!

I have also started checking out some of their leveled readers and non-fiction books for my classroom! I'm so excited about the opportunity to use these at school!

Looking for more recommendations?
Check some of these out!
And maybe the best part...

If you are interested, definitely head over and check them out! Most of my experience is with toddler books at this point, but I'm looking into the school age books RIGHT NOW!

Comment below and let me know if you have experience with these book and what you think of them-either at home or in your classroom!

If you think you and some friends would be interested in these books, please contact me about hosting a facebook party! Hosts usually get some really great deals...and even FREE books!

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