Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Educents Teacher Appreciation Giveaway

teacher appreciation educents 2016

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation month, Educents, FreshGrade, S&S Worldwide, and the Sellers of Educents have partnered to give educators funding for their dream classrooms. The 7 educators with the most votes will win a combined $10,000! Any educator is eligible to win - teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and school administrators.

How to Win

Educators get pretty creative when it comes to raising money to cover expenses for classroom supplies. Many host bake sales, ask the community for second-hand supplies, or pay out of their own pockets. However, there's a new way to get money for your classroom... and it doesn't include raiding the aisles of your local dollar store.

It's easy to enter to win the Educents Teacher Appreciation Giveaway, and it still requires a little creativity (see Step 3).

Step 1: Save up to $5,000 in products for your dream classroom in your Educents wishlist.

Step 2: Click “Enter to Win” on your wishlist page and create your voting profile.

Step 3: Share with your friends, family and community and ask them to vote for you every day until May 6. This is your opportunity to get creative - how will you share your wishlist, and how will you involve your community to vote for you??

Not signed up for Educents?
You can do that {here}!

Any educator is eligible to win - teachers, homeschoolers, and school administrators. Ready to get started?


Please Vote for Me!!



I would LOVE to win this prize!! I have filled up my wishlist with tons of great items for my 1st grade classroom. I would love new leveled readers for my class. It is so hard to find lower level texts that the kids enjoy, but I was able to find some great science and math readers on educents! I also found some great math games and manipulatives!!

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