Five for Friday {11.13.15}

Hi friends!

I'm joining in with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky party!

Here are five things from our week in first grade!
We have been practicing decomposing numbers using part part whole charts for the last few weeks. The kids are really good at it now! This week we added in being able to find one addition equation and one subtraction equation to go with their part part whole charts.

I used the random number generator on the smartboard. This provided their whole number. On their recording sheet, the decomposed that whole number and wrote addition & subtraction equations (one each) to go with it.
The kids used dice for their parts, and then found the whole. Again, they wrote addition & subtraction equations (one each) to go along with it.
The kids used dominoes for their parts and whole. Once again, they recorded them and wrote addition & subtraction equations to go along with them.
Part part whole bingo. They created bingo cards with the numbers 4-12 on them. My calling cards had the part part whole charts with the parts listed. The kids had to figure out the whole and cover it up on their bingo card.

All of the above recording sheets and activities are posted here :)
I also have some part part whole freebies posted here :)
Along with our math activities this week, we also made these cute turkeys! The kids made their turkeys and then chose a number to write on their turkey's belly. On the feathers, they had to write addition or subtraction equations that equal the number they chose.
I just have to laugh at this picture. I posted it on instagram with the caption "There's always that one..." You know it's true. But don't worry, that little guy is proudly on display with the rest of them! This picture makes me laugh though because of how perfectly their eyes are looking at each other!
Next was another art project from this week.
This time we made some cute fall scarecrows!
We had school off on Wednesday for Veteran's Day.
So on my day off I decided to put the tree up. It's early, I know. But the little guy is loving it and that's what it's about.

Last up, I got some adorable boots this week! I'm so excited about them!!!
I ordered them from Amazon. You can check them out here. They have them in 3 different colors. They are cute and comfy! I'm excited to wear them this fall & winter!
That's my 5 for the week!
Enjoy your weekend! :)

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