Monday, October 12, 2015

Pumpkins & Halloween!

Hi friends!

I'm here with some October updates!

I have already started putting some pumpkin and Halloween themed things in the mix.
Here are a few of the math centers:
1. Halloween Ice Trays & Erasers:
The kids use the erasers by themselves or with a partner and write number sentences that match. The trays are from Dollar Tree. They are perfect because they are just like ten frames and we have worked with them a lot!
The students paired up to play race to twenty. They roll the dice and put that many pumpkins on their twenty frame card. The first to fill their card is the winner. I also make mine get the exact amount when they get to the end of their card-no going over!
The students match the addition equation to the sum and record it.
The kids roll 3 dice and put a counter on that number. Each person gets 10 counters of their color. The winner is the person that gets all 10 of their counters on the game board. If you roll the same number as your opponent, you can bump them off of it! But if they roll that number twice, they can put a second counter on it and lock it from being bumped.
5. iPad app-Quick Images:
The students choose which image they want to practice (10 frames, 20 frames, fingers, rekenreks, random dots). They can also choose the speed. This app is great for subitizing!
We also continued our focus on ten frames this week.
We read the book Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car. The students had 10 frames and monkey clipart images to model the book as I read it. Then they recorded an addition equation to match what they had modeled on their 10 frame. On the second day the students solved story problems with 5 little monkey topics. It was another great week in math!
We finished up our fire safety reads & activities this week and are moving on to pumpkins now! I like to mix in fiction & non-fiction books. Here are some of my planned read alouds :

We are doing pumpkin books this week, non-fiction bat books next week, and Halloween books the last week of October. This is our pumpkin chart for this week! We just started it today so I'll add another picture when we are done!

Cute, right?! Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this adorable idea...that goes to Cara at The First Grade Parade!

In case you missed it, I posted my 2nd Stitch Fix last week!

Have a great week!

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