Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stitch Fix #1

Hey bloggers!

So I finally did it...signed up for Stitch Fix! I have been wanting to do it but I just wasn't sure if they would really be able to find clothes that were "me." After thinking about it for months, I decided to give it a try just this once...(yeah, right).

So here it is, my very first Stitch Fix package! I signed up last week so it took about a week for me to receive it. I was impressed with the turn around time!

When I first opened the package, I loved the neat little packaging. So cute!

The first thing I did was read the card inside. Upon first impressions I thought, "Oh ****, these things are all adorable and I'm going to spend a million dollars. How does this stylist know me so well?!"

First up was this cute Corinna Striped Dolman Top from Market & Spruce. Oh my goodness. It was instant love. I was already imagining myself wearing it at school. It will be perfect with khakis or even white crop pants that I have. It was very comfy and light weight.

Next was this Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse from 41Hawthorn. My first thought: LOVE this color! I also loved the side cut detail as well as the detail on the front of the shirt. Unfortunately, I didn't love the material of the shirt. It was just a little too stiff for me. If I'm going to be on the ground, dancing, throwing my arms in the air, and whatever else I have to do to keep 6 year olds engaged, I need flexible material.

Next was this Barrymore Solid Pleat Detail Top from Market & Spruce! I love the material on this one. It was very soft & flow-y & it would be a great layering piece! What I didn't love? Armpit fat. That's all there is to say about that.

This next item made an appearance in the photos above, but they are difficult to see. Here's what I know you've been waiting for {sarcasm}...a booty shot! These are a Rizzo Skinny Pant from Liverpool. I. Love. These. I have an extremely difficult time finding pants that fit. I mean, really fit. I must have a weird, non-proportional body because when I find pants that fit my waist, they are way too tight on my booty. And when I find pants that fit my booty, there is about a 2in gap between my belly and the pants fabric. So annoying. Well let me tell you, there was no issue with these pants...other than the price. I'm a teacher, I like to find good deals. So $98 for pants seemed outrageous to me. But you know what? When you find a pair of pants that fit like these do, you buy them.

The last item was this Gabe Maxi Skirt from Renee C. I love maxi skirts. They are a huge part of my wardrobe. I love wearing them at school because they are comfy and easy to move around in! I threw on a simple black tank with this one, which is something I would typically wear in the summer. The skirt itself fit really well, was neutral, and a great length...but I already have a lot of maxis and couldn't justify $48 for this skirt when I can run to Target & Kohls and get them for cheaper.

So here's the breakdown:
Corinna Dolman Top-$48-Keep
Filbert Popover Blouse-$58-Return
Barrymore Top-$48-Return
Rizzo Pant-$98-Keep
Gabe Maxi-$48-Return

Overall, I was very pleased with my first fix. Like I said, I was immediately impressed with all of the items so I think my stylist (Courtney) did a great job! I plan to continue to receive a stitch fix package quarterly and I'm already excited for the next one! :)

If you think you are interested in Stitch Fix, you can click the image below (it is an affiliate link, everyone receives one upon signing up!). They also allow you to choose how often you receive your fix, which I think is awesome! I love that you don't have to commit to every month.

They also send a prepaid package for you to send back the items that you do not want. How great is that? If you decide to sign up, tell us about your first fix so that we can see how it went for you! :)

Also, the next time I do this, I promise to have better pictures! :( I never realized that I don't have a great place to take full body pictures. I had to move the mirror to the baby's room for these pics. Haha. Sorry about that!

Have a great week!

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