Double Blog Post! Monday Made It & Dare to Dream!

Hey bloggers!

I'm joining 4th Grade Frolics for another Monday Made It!

This week I have 2 projects to show you!
First up was a quick home decor DIY. I have had these cube shelves on my walls for years. During the holidays, I switch out the things inside the cubes. Overall though, they are pretty boring. The wall behind them is white (the wall opposite this one in the room is brown) and they just really needed something more. While at hobby lobby, I decided to pick up some fancy scrapbook paper to dress these cubes up!

It was very simple.
I took the decor out and pulled the cubes off the wall. I simply placed them on the scrapbook paper and traced them onto the paper. Then I just had to cut the paper, secure it to the back of the cube (I just used tape), and hang them back on the wall! It's amazing what a difference it makes! Two of the cubes have the same paper-that paper is my favorite because it has a gold shine to it! The other paper is brown & blue (our living room is brown, blue, & green).
And there you have it!

My second project was a bookshelf that I picked up at a garage sale! When I first saw it, I knew I wanted it and that it would be an easy fix up...I just couldn't decide if I wanted to use it for my classroom or for my little man's room! In the end, I decided that it would be for my guy. He {loves} books and we have a ton, so we definitely need more storage for them. After getting scrapbook paper for the above project at Hobby Lobby, I head to the fabric section. Little man's room is gray, light blue, & bright green. There tends to be a lot of chevron in there too. So I decided on blue & white stripe!

1. First of all, Pooh is not my thing. Plus it had some stains on it was well loved and it needed to go.

2. Then, I took off the original fabric (the rungs pull out). I could tell they used about 2 yards of fabric so that it what I got at Hobby Lobby!

3. Next, I simply draped the fabric onto the shelving unit and pinned it in placed. Then I was able to take the fabric back off. I glued the fabric together first & removed the pins, to give it some extra hold. I let that sit overnight.

4. After that, I added a stitch to each row for even more support...a toddler is using this, I figured it only made sense to make it as strong as I could! I hadn't used my sewing machine in a few years, but I was surprised how quickly I picked it back up! On the bottom row, I wrapped the fabric around the front so that the good side of the fabric was showing, instead of the underside.

5. Then I was able to get the fabric back on!

6. I {love, love, love} how it turned out! And it looks great in his room. The only thing I might change in the future, is to paint the wood white so that it matches his room a little better...but for now, it is just fine! He was already in there reading all of the books.

I also had some extra space at the bottom so that will be a shoe holder. Double use-bonus!

Part 2 of this post is my next part of the TpT Seller Challenge!

This week is called Dare to Dream.

My husband and I are both teachers. We all know that teachers do not make the money that we deserve. Although I would love to say that I would like to become a stay at home mom with my TpT business, I don't think that is realistic for us. So here are my realistic dreams...

1. Fund a family vacation: This seems simple enough right?? Since my husband and I are both teachers, we both have our summers off (other than my husband umpiring and playing on his own baseball team). So I'm hoping that my TpT store can provide the funds for a fun family vacation with our 1 year old! I would love to go to an indoor water park with him...but those can be pricey!

2. Provide my babe with everything he needs...and most things he wants: This one sounds simple, but kids are expensive! We are able to provide him the things that he needs, but I was raised being able to have pretty much everything I wanted too. Now, the things I wanted were not just given to me, they had to be earned. That is something that I want to teach my son as well. But I do want to be able to give him things that he wants and experiences that he wants. I hope that the extra money from my TpT store can help us to do that!

Continuing last week's Makeover Madness, I have updated my Writing Helpers and have them on sale today only! :) Click the image to head to my TpT Store!

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  1. I would love to take my family on a vacation as well!! What a blessing with a 1 year old! My youngest is 19 months :) Enjoy it, they grow too quickly! Have a great summer, and good luck with all your dreams!!
    Momma with a Teaching Mission

    1. My guy is 20 months! It's a fun (& exhausting) age! :)

  2. I like what you did with the bookshelf! It's good to know you have sewing may be able to help me with a little project of my own :)


    1. Thanks!...& my skills are very limited. But I can try! :)

  3. Your Makeover Madness Writing cover is amazing! Good job! I'm making over the covers of some of my things too! Enjoy your little one and that vacation!
    -Mary Ellen
    First Little Lessons

  4. Great job on your projects!