Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday Made It! 6.15

Hey bloggers!

This is my first Monday Made It of the summer! I have a few projects planned for this summer but have only gotten one done so far!

Reds Ball Buckets
My husband plays & manages a summer baseball team in the area. His team is the Chase Reds. They use the logo of the Cincinnati Reds. He really wanted their ball buckets decked out in fancy logos...to look nice while they get dirty, I guess?

Anyway, I love finding ways to use my Cameo and if it is something that impresses him I go for it (gotta convince him it was worth the price, right?)! I was able to find a jpeg outline of the Reds logo just by googling it. The great thing about the Silhouette Cameo is that you can buy images from their store or you can use your own! I was able to find an image online and import it into Silhouette Studio! I traced the image onto adhesive vinyl, then used transfer paper to get it onto the buckets!

I did 3 buckets.
One has the black C, one has the red C, and one has a white C with red outline.

 (the image stretches across the bucket, so it was hard to get the whole thing in 1 straight on shot!)

Simple & done!

My future Monday Made It will involve this book shelf I picked up at a garage sale. I couldn't decided if I wanted it for my classroom or for my 1 year old's room. My little guy loves books so I think it will go in his room. I will be removing the Pooh fabric and adding my own...so be on the lookout for that soon!

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Thanks for stopping by!

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