Currently & Giveaway Winner!

Hey bloggers!

It's time to announce the giveaway winner for the Pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies! Thank you to EVERYONE that entered! :)

Jessica, I will be emailing you soon!

And now it's time for Currently September with Farley!

Where did the time go?? My baby is already 10 months old! He has a sports photo shoot this weekend...and then his one year pictures in a few months! Ahhhh!

Picking 3 trips was tricky! I have been to a lot of places...France, Spain, England, Bahamas, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Vegas...but I finally came up with a list!

I have been fighting a nasty cold-ALREADY! My first full week of school I had to take a sick day because I lost my voice from the cold. Fortunately, I have a student teacher this year that helped out this week, otherwise I would have had to take more than one sick day. Ugh, back to school sickness!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend! :)


  1. Italy is my number one also! I would love to visit! I could go for a pedicure too! Hope you feel better!!!

  2. Hi Cait! I had a tough time choosing 3 trips as well, and Ireland was one of my picks too! My hubby's family is Irish. Our first day of school is tomorrow, and I am praying I don't get the crud! I hope you feel better soon!

    One Sharp Bunch

  3. Sorry you've been under the weather. I typically get a cold from being tired, run down, and meeting so many new little germs! Hope you feel better this week!

    Learning at the Teacher Table