Future Fanatic!

Hey bloggers!

Just a quick post about my little guy (some Mommy bragging).
I received an e-mail from Fanatics about their Future Fanatic campaign so I had to show off my little man!

We are a split household...that is, I'm a Chicago White Sox fan and my husband is a Chicago Cubs fan! So our little guy splits his hat wearing time in the summer between the two teams...and also with his Reds hat! Now, we are not Cincinnati Reds fans, but the summer baseball team that my husband plays on is called the Reds. So Jace has to support them too!
Now, my husband wasn't satisfied with these hats above (they weren't new era fitted hats)...so he bought our little guy some new hats! Only the best for our future fanatic!
(We are also Chicago Bears fans.)

He looks pretty adorable in hats, so I didn't fuss when hubs bought ALL of these hats!
So far this summer, Jace has spent most of his time at baseball games. His dad has games every Wednesday and Sunday and we also go to some games at the local minor league field. We are a baseball family!

You can check out the MLB hats that Fanatics offers {here}!

After checking out their website, my little guy may be receiving some packages in the mail :)

I mean, what sports fan doesn't need his sippy cup to be team themed?? 
Or his pacifier??
My babe is a bit big for this now, but I wish I had known about these team themed baby carriers sooner! Super cute!
I also really like this shirt for myself! You should check them out if you're looking for something sports related! :)

I was contacted my Fanatics to participate in their “Future Fanatic” campaign.  I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.