Hello Summer!

Hey bloggers!
I'm finally on summer break! It was a great year...I had a great group of kids and welcomed my first baby! The kids were wonderful while I was out on maternity and were great when I came back. They love my little guy too!

The last few weeks were pretty busy! A lot of time was spent assessment & filling out report cards...but we also had some fun too!

We made a fun ice cream craft! You can get the template free {here}.

We had one day where the whole school had a cookout (hamburgers & hot dogs) and then in the afternoon we had inflatables day! The kids LOVED it. There was a bouncy house, an obstacle course, slide, & bouncy basketball hoop.

We also had our field trip the last week. We went to a local park that offers fun activities for kids. They had stations set up for us:
(1) Insects-The kids learned about insects and then went on a nature walk in the woods and collected insects!
(2) Mad Science-The kids got to participate in 3 fun experiments! One of the experiments even let them make silly putty to take home.

(3) What Lives Here?-They learned about different animal homes and got to see beehives up close (no bees were inside)!
(4) Games-The kids participated in obstacle courses and played games.
(5) Animals-The kids got to brush a horse, feed a goat & pig, and hold a chicken, hen, & rooster.
(6) Nature Prints-The kids found different things in the woods and made prints of them with ink pads & paint.
They had a great time!

We also did an ice cream number hunt the last week! I put the number cards up around the room and the students color in their charts to discover the mystery picture!
You can find this in my TpT and TN stores!

We also had our "Fun Day" on the last full day of school...this is what others call "Field Day." The last 2 weeks of school, the students earn tickets at school. They can earn them for doing a good deed, being helpful, completing work, having a good day, etc. On Fun Day, they use their tickets to play games & buy treats. Unfortunately, it rained this day so we had to move some of our activities inside. Here's what our Fun Day consisted of:
(1) Playing Bags
(2) Face Painting
(3) Nail Painting
(4) Temporary tattoos
(5) Obstacle Course
(6) Kids Bop Dance
(7) Movie Room
(8) Crafts
(9) Parachute 
(11) Popsicle

The popcorn & popsicle tickets are different...teachers get to determine what students are required to do to earn those tickets. The stations are run by teachers and parent volunteers. It was a great day!

Our last day was a half day. We always do a whole school yearbook signing on the last day (our school is 2 sections each of K-3).

I also got some beautiful flowers from one of my little friends :)

One last thing...have you seen this brand at Target? It's called Yoobi. For every supply item purchased, they will donate one item to a K-3 school in need! The colors are great and the items are really cute! Check them out :)

My plans this summer:
(1) Snuggle my babe-I can't believe he's already 7 months old!
(2) Hang by our pool

Enjoy your summer! :)

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  1. Hi Cait, hope you are enjoying your summer off. Congradulations on your first baby. I'm sure your students had a great time making the ice cream craft.


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