Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently

Hey bloggers!

It's time for another Currently with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: My little man just finished a bottle & is sound asleep...which is why I have time for this post! :)

Loving: My mom stopped by and helped with our Christmas decorations on Friday! I love sitting in the living room by the light of the tree!...and I love that there are already some wrapped presents under it.

Thinking: Is it really December already?! My maternity time is flying by...Jace is already 5 weeks old! :o

Wanting: Does this make me a bad new mom?? I really want a glass of moscato...the last drink I had was last New Years! It just sounds relaxing.

Needing: Well let's be house is a disaster. Everyone says that it's supposed to be since I just had a baby, but I feel like a bum. The best Christmas gift someone could give me would be a maid for a day!

Favorite Tradition: We never really had any special traditions growing up but I have seen a few on facebook & pinterest that I'm loving! Here are a few ideas that I'm trying to decide between:
1. 25 Days of Books-Wrap 25 (Christmas themed) books and let your child open one each night leading up to Christmas as their bedtime story.
2. PJs & a Movie-Each year on Christmas Eve wrap up a new set of PJs & a movie to watch as a family before going to bed.
3. Elf on a Shelf-Instead of having the elf create mischief around the house, have him leave good deeds for the child to follow through with (leaving a canned good to donate to a shelter, toy to donate to Toys for Tots, donate food to an animal shelter, etc).-Saw this as a facebook post by First Grade and Fabulous!

Jace is too small to understand any of it this year, but I'd love to do one of these things in the future!

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