Sunday, September 15, 2013

Math Workshop & a Freebie!

Hey bloggers!

Another busy week has come and gone! My little firsties are making great progress already! They are getting down the routines and working really hard!

This week we continued our work with counting & sorting in math. We also had math stations for the first time! Here are a few of our stations for this past week:

1. Smartboard Station: The students had to sort pictures by color, size, shape, etc. Not only did it give us a chance to practice our counting & sorting, but we also got to practice following the smartboard rules!

2. Counting Station: Here the students were practicing writing their numbers as high as they could go...and fixing any backwards numbers!

3. Paper/Pencil Station: At this station the students had to follow the color code to color the shapes, then cut them out and glue them onto the paper, sorting them by color. {This activity can be found in the listing below}

They also had a computer station (ABC Ya) and a manipulative sorting station.

Here is how our math workshop works:

Monday & Tuesday
*Calendar: This is done on the smartboard to practice multiple math concepts (we continually add to this as we learn new things).
*Math Journal: These are new to me this year but I'm really excited about them! We are starting out using them whole group (everyone receives the same journal prompt). I have also considered making this a small group activity later in the year, once we have established the math journal routines. If I do that, it would be during stations and the difficulty of the journal prompts would be based on student needs/progress.
*Whole Group: This is a lesson that is done as a whole group and then the students have independent practice time with the skill so that I can walk around and monitor/assist progress to determine who may need more practice with this skill later (whether it be the whole group or just a few students).

Wednesday & Friday
*Calendar & Math Journal are the same as above.
*Math Stations: We have 5 math stations a week that revolve around skills we are currently learning or skills that we have already learned that we may need to review. These stations can include the computers, the smartboard, manipulatives, activities I have created, etc. We do 2 of our stations on Wednesday and finish the other 3 on Friday. I also pull guided math groups during this time.

*Calendar & Math Journal are the same as above.
*Checkout/Computers: This is our weekly book checkout time. I don't love that it falls during our math block, but we deal with it. The students go to the learning center to check out books and get on the computers. Their computer time rotates between math activities and reading activities.

Here are a few activities that the students will start using in their math stations:
TpT    or    TN
This set includes 8 worksheet activities for practicing counting & sorting (as seen above in a math station).

TpT    or    TN
There are 11 color heading cards and 88 sorting cards included (8 cards for each color).

TpT    or    TN
There are 4 sorting activities included in this set.
*Sorting animals with legs & without legs (18 cards)
*Sorting boys & girls (18 cards)
*Sorting summer & winter (18 cards)
*Sorting numbers & letters (18 cards)

TpT    or    TN
This set includes 8 number puzzles (counting to 5, 10, & 20) and 2 worksheet number puzzles.

I also have a {freebie} for you!
TpT    or    TN
This freebie includes 3 worksheets for practicing shapes!

Do you run a math workshop?
What does it look like for you??

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  1. I am so glad to have found your blog! I've been on the fence about starting a math workshop. This post is swaying me in the direction! Thanks for linking up and sharing such a fun goody!

    Lucky to Be in First


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