Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Fun & Fire Safety!

Hey bloggers!
I have a few new items I wanted to share with you!
First, some fire safety week printables! There are 6 activities in the pack. Fire safety week is 10/7-10/13!
(1) Label the Fireman
(2) Label the Fire truck
(3) Describe a Fireman
(4) Describe a Fire truck
(5) Fire safety visitors-What I Learned
(6) Dear Firefighter (thank you note)
TpT    or    TNBook
If you download the preview, you can get worksheet #3 as a {freebie}!

I have also posted a Halloween Math Activities pack! There are 10 Halloween themed activities included:

(1) Shape Recognition Cards-Match the shape picture card to the name card (triangle, circle, square, rectangle, oval or ellipse, diamond or rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, trapezoid), worksheet included.
(2) Picture Addition Cards-Match picture addition cards to the answer (sums up to 10), 18 addition cards & 18 answer cards
(3) Counting Cards-Number cards to put in order 1-50
(4) Number Word Match Cards-Match the number to it's number word (0-20)
(5) Ordinal Numbers-Match the number to it's ordinal number word (1st-10th), worksheet included
(6) Halloween Counting Cards-Match the number card to the card with that many pictures (0-20)
(7) Tally Counting Cards-Put the tally cards in order and match them to their number cards (1-20)
(8) 10 Square Addition Cards-Match the 10 square to it's addition number sentence card
(9) Halloween Graph-Students count the number of each picture, color in the graph, and answer questions about the graph.
(10) Halloween Game-Students roll 3 dice and add them together, then cover up that number on their game board.

TpT    or    TNBook

I will be running a giveaway for the 10 Halloween Themed Math Activities 10/1-10/7 on Teacher's Notebook! 3 lucky winners will get it for free!! Everyone loves free so make sure you enter :) & follow my shop while you're at it!

Have a great week!


  1. Those are neat! Wish I could use them! I actually got my LBS1 in May, but wasn't able to find a job for fall, so I'm going to be working as an aide this school year. FROWN!

    1. Thanks! Try not to get discouraged...I worked as an aide the fall after I graduated because not many schools were hiring at the time. I was an aide Aug-Nov and then was hired to fill a spot for someone retiring in the middle of the year, and I have been teaching since then! So keep watching the job openings because you never know when something will open up! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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