Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Teacher's Job is Never Done

A Teacher's Job is Never Done...even in the summer!! Do you ever feel that way?

I have been in "training" all week...8-4 every day! Yes, I voluntarily signed up. Call me crazy, it's fine. It's a conference about CLM, the Comprehensive Literacy Model. The majority of things that have been discussed are things that my school & district already have in place. However, the idea of a Language Workshop is new to me. I already run Reader's Workshop, Writer's Workshop, and a Math Workshop in my classroom. I have never heard or thought about a Language Workshop before, though it seems like a lot of the things involved are already happening in my classroom during reading & writing. It also seems that a Language Workshop would help to meet some of the Common Core Standards. The way it has been described, a Language Workshop would follow the same basic format as the other workshops (mini-lesson, independent practice, share time) but it is shorter, only about 30 minutes.

At the beginning of the week, I thought to myself, "Yeah, that all SOUNDS good, but do I really want to try it this fall when I don't really know much about it?" But after day 4 of the conference, I think they may have convinced me. Here it is, a beautiful summer week in June...and I'm planning for August!

I am curious if any of you run a Language Workshop in your classroom? Or do you know anyone who does? Or have you even heard of it before?

By the way...teacher conferences are HORRIBLE for eating habits. Here's my breakfast on one of the days...I wish they would have quit putting out little candies & treats!

I have also been making some things for the next school year that I have added to TNbook & TpT!

 An alphabet writing book! A page for each letter of the alphabet.
TNBook    or    TpT

Missing Letter Cards! There are 3 sets with 12 cards in each set. There is also a recording sheet included.
TNBook    or    TpT

Polka Dot Substitute Binder Pages!
Pages included: Substitute Binder (title page), Schedule, Class List, Lesson Plans, Classroom, Procedures, School Procedures, Classroom Management, Substitute Notes
TNBook    or    TpT

Polka Dot Phonogram Cards! Included: ch, sh, th, igh, ing, ir, er, ur, or, ar, wr, ck, ou, ow, gh, oo, eigh, wh, kn, ph, ay, oy, tch, aw
TNBook    or    TpT

Summer Themed ABC & 123 Cards! There are capital & lowercase cards as well as 1-100 cards! Great for summer practice or back to school review!
TNBook    or    TpT

Under the Sea Classroom Set! Included: number signs (1-20), letter signs (a-z), 12 month cards, year cards, days of the week cards, yesterday, today, tomorrow signs (2 options), # of days in school sign, color signs (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, white, gray, brown), name tags (2 options), calendar cards 1-31 (3 options, use each alone or mix & match for patterns!), blank cards (rectangle & square)
TNBook    or    TpT
Feel free to comment below if you know anything about, have any opinions about, or know of any resources about Language Workshops. I'd love to know what others think of it!



  1. Honestly, I've never heard of one. Without knowing anything about it, my first reaction is that writing workshop alone would give them all the application they need in order to use language appropriately. I don't know anything about it though, so.... :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Yes! I think that a lot of the things that we're being told could be taught during a "Language workshop" are things that I already teach either during reading or writing. That is why I'm so torn. I guess creating another workshop time would allow me more time to meet with students in small groups or one on one...I just don't know. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  3. I haven't heard of a language workshop either. I would like to have one, but we already have limited time with what we fit in our daily schedule. The problem is there aren't enough hours in the day. I am definitely interested in hearing more if you do this in your classroom next year. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure


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