Monday, April 2, 2012

Kentucky Sale...Go CATS!

So as I was stalking all of my favorite blogs, I came upon this post at The Inspired Apple. What a great idea! I've mentioned in a few posts what a big Kentucky Wildcats fan I am and I love finding others that are too. Tonight is the big night!! I'm sure my brother, a student at UK, is having or is attending an awesome party for the game tonight. I wish I could be down there to enjoy the atmosphere in Lexington (especially if/when they win!!). Unfortunately right now, I'm in Illinois. I'm heading down to Lexington on Friday though maybe some of the fun will still be hanging around!

ANYWAY, what I loved most about Babbling Abby's post, was her idea to have a sale in honor of the boys in blue (Kentucky blue, that is!)...and the image she used! I'm going to join in on the fun (I hope she doesn't mind!!).

Here is the image from The Inspired Apple that I love so much.
How adorable is that?? I guess if you don't follow college basketball, you might not get it. But I love it! And as I said, I will be joining in on this as well!! Everything in my TpT & TNbook stores is on sale for today!! Go check them out :)

I just added 3 new items, so you might as well go get them at a discounted price! :)
TpT    or    TNbook
TpT    or    TNbook
TpT    or    TNbook

Don't forget, The Inspired Apple started this, so check out her great stuff too!!

And again, the links for my stores:  TpT     or     TNbook

Thanks, everyone. And go CATS!!!

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  1. Sale extended in honor of our Championship WINNNNNNN!!!!! Cats, Cats, Cats!! Go get it while you can, blogger friends!


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