Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to School & a New Creation :)

Well, I've survived 2 days back after break (I'm so happy we had Monday off!). Our first day back actually went really well...but I'm pretty sure that's because the kids were all pretty sleepy! Haha. Today was good too though, just a few hyper little friends. I still can't believe how fast this school year is passing...though I am looking forward to summer :) I think there's something like 35 days left?? Crazy!

Today after sending the kiddies home, I heard a weird beeping in the classroom. So I searched around...and found a Tamagotchi!!! Haha, took me right back to my childhood. I remember when these things were banned from school back in 5th grade. Good times. Needless to say, I'm taking care of it for my student for the night. :)

Anyway...I'm in LOVE with my new math & literacy stations. As I've mentioned, my kids love Star Wars. At first I thought it was just the boys, but I've heard the girls saying that they play pretend Star Wars at recess too. I don't know exactly what it means to "play" Star Wars, but they enjoy it! A few of my kids got a sneak peak of these stations when I was cutting laminating and they couldn't believe what they were seeing. It's the second time this week that I've been "the best teacher ever!" ;) (The first time was yesterday when we switched book box books and I allowed some of them to choose chapter books for the first time. I love that they get excited about that!)

TpT    or    TNbook

There are 10 stations included. Here's the breakdown!

Math Stations:
 (1) Addition & Subtraction Cards-Students match the number sentence to the answer card for addition and subtraction problems up to 15. 9 addition equations & 9 answer cards, 9 subtraction equations & 9 answer cards.
(2) Fraction Cards-Students match the picture cards to the correct fractions. 12 picture cards, 12 answer cards.
(3) Money Mats-Students use coins to make the amount of money requested on each card. 16 cards.

 (4) Telling Time Cards-Students match the digital clock to the analog clock. 9 digital cards on the hour & 9 analog matches, 9 digital half hour & 9 analog matches.

(5) Graphs-1: Students count the pictures, color in a bar graph, answer questions, and write sentences about the graph. 2: Students spin 10 times, create a tally chart, and write sentences about the chart.

Literacy Stations:

(1) Scrambled Sentences-4 sentences for students to put in the correct order and rewrite on the recording sheet.

(2) Sight Word Game-Students choose 1 card without looking. If they can read it, they keep it. If a student chooses a card that has Vader on it, the game ends. 42 basic sight word cards, 6 Vader cards.

(3) ABC Order-Students put sets of 4 words in ABC order. 8 cards & recording sheet.

(4) Diagraph Sort-Students sort words with th, sh, and ch. 19 word cards & recording sheet.

(5) Word Making Spinners-Students spin 2 spinners and see what word they create. They then decide if it is a real or nonsense word. Recording sheet included.

Maybe you have a group that would enjoy these as well!! Here are the links again:

Star Wars TpT        or        Star Wars TNbook

I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday. Have a great rest of your week :)


  1. way cute! Thinking I am going to use the star wars as my theme next kids are so into it!!!


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