Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy 3 Day Weekend!

Okay...I realize this is a teacher blog, but I'm really excited about things going on around my house so that's what my post is about today!!

Even though we just got back to school, I'm glad we already have a 3 day weekend! In June of 2010, my husband & I bought our first house...and we've been fixing things up to how we want them since then. Right now, we're finishing the laundry room in the basement. It is the only space in the house that isn't finished. So while we're doing that, we're also adding a half bath to it! I'm really excited about that. So working on that room is what this weekend has been dedicated to...and honestly, I haven't been much help. My dad did all of the electrical yesterday & was framing things out and getting dry wall up today. My husband has been helping down there too. He also started working on our master bath this weekend, with the help of his dad. He tore up the floor and we're putting in tile (it was linoleum before) tomorrow! After that bathroom is done we'll start working on the main bathroom floor and putting tile in there. We have a few projects going on right now so this 3 day weekend is allowing us to get a lot done (not to mention all of the helpers that we have over here)! Love it. While the boys have all been working, my mom and I have been doing some cooking! Always fun. And I've also been creating some activities for my kids. I'm really excited about Valentine's Day and have been making a ton of math & literacy activities for it. I think I have stations for all of February already done. Haha. And I've also been able to spend some time outside with my pup!
Tomorrow is another day of work on the house and making sure I have everything together for the upcoming week. On Friday, I read my kids a book about MLK Jr and they were really into it. They kept giving their own examples of how people could be split up that wouldn't be fair or right. So I'm sure they'll like learning more about him in the next couple of books that we're going to read this week and the activities that we're doing with them!

I created a winter ABC order activity, a snowman number order activity, and a Valentine fact family activity that I'm gonna try to get posted tomorrow. Look for them then :)


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